My Favourite Monsters

by The Vicious Cabaret

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released September 16, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew Goode at Forest Of Sound Studio, Kaohsiung.

All songs written by The Vicious Cabaret, except 'Carlama' and 'Talk About Suffering': trad. arranged by The Vicious Cabaret.

Mojo - vocals, guitar, ukelele, accordion, bass clarinet, clarinet, xylophone.

Andrew Goode - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, ukelele, xylophone, percussion.

Michael Farris - sax, cajon, vocals.

Additional musicians:

Timothy Tucker - harmony vocals on 'Melodies For Ghosts'.

Sherriff Moustafa - bass on 'Bottom Of The Sea' and 'Burning Hemingway'.

Art work by Lawrence Keaty, 2014.


all rights reserved



The Vicious Cabaret Taiwan

The Vicious Cabaret is a modern folk band comprised of guitarist/singer Andy Goode, singer/multi-instrumentalist Mojo & saxophone/cajon player Mike Farris.

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Track Name: Bottom of the Sea
Hoist the anchor, man the rigging
Leave the nine to five behind
We’re heading west with the wind in our sails
We’re going where the sun don’t shine.


La, la, la, la, la,
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Oh, this is the life for me.
La, la, la, la, la,
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Oh, meet me on the bottom of the sea.

Leave your briefcase at the office
Hang your troubles on the door
We’re coming out with a song in our hearts
Pack your bags, leave your baggage on the shore


Take your fishnets from the closet
Kiss the wife and kids goodbye
We’re setting sail on an ocean of blue
Where we’ll dance under a multi-coloured sky.
Track Name: This Vicious Cabaret
There's a girl who will push but will not shove and she’s desperate for her father's love
She believes the hand beneath the glove may be one she needs to hold.
And though she doubts her host’s moralities she decides that she is more at ease
In the Land Of Doing What You Please than outside in the cold.

There's thrills and chills and girls galore, sing-songs and surprises
There's something here for everyone, (reserve your seat today)
There's mischief and malarkies but no queers or yids or darkies
In this bastard's carnival, this vicious cabaret.

Facing their Responsibilities either on their backs or on their knees
There are ladies who just simply freeze and dare not turn away
And the widows that refuse to cry will be dressed in garter and bow-tie
And be taught to kick their legs up high in this vicious cabaret.
Track Name: Laika
Laika, where you been?
Tell us what you've seen.
Up in your tin machine
Are we blue and green?

Laika, what they promise you?
A golden handshake and a bone to chew.
Laika, what you gonna do
As the world slowly falls out of view?
Track Name: The Domino Effect
The smell of your skin
The mess that we're in
The coil of a loaded spring
The beat of a drum
The heat from the sun
The darkness in everyone

Dominoes falling in a row
Going nowhere
On and on spiralling away
Going nowhere

Dominoes.... (x2)

The kids on the dole.
The men in control.
They're eating your souls away.
The cracks in a wall.
The curve of a ball.
The leaves as they all fall down.
Track Name: Burning Hemingway
In the shadows of the trees
There's a whisper on the breeze
And its calling me away
Burning Hemingway.

As the night defeats the day
And the words they fade away
It's once more into the fray.
Burning Hemingway…

Blind, weary and alone
all the bridges have been blown
I'm so far away from home
Burning Hemingway.

All the pages that I turned
Are the pages that I burned.
Here's a lesson to be learned
Burning Hemingway…

Following the fireflies
Waiting for the sunrise

Page 62, page 63, page 64, one page more
Page 67, page 68, page 69, running out of time.....

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